First-time legal consultation


Do you have legal issues, questions?

Do you need assistance, reliable advice? Request our legal consultation service!

Within the framework of our first-time legal consultation, our lawyers are at your disposal, and they can assist you in answering your questions and solve your legal issues in an easy-to-understand, prompt, and reliable way.

We know that legal issues are not resolved by themselves, even if there are obstacles for a personal consultation.

The most effective and fast is to discuss your issues in person, but we know that it is not always possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us with confidence if your appearance at our office is not possible. If requested, we can also provide you with legal help by phone or skype.


  • Issues related to companies and undertakings
  • Employment and labour law issues
  • Issues regarding outstanding amounts, claims
  • Real estate issues
  • Inheritance related issues
  • Issues related to litigation and out-of-court proceedings
  • Issues related to copyrights and trademarks
  • Data protection related issues
  • Consultation and advise related to contractual issues
  • Issues related to incorporation and amendment of civil organizations
  • Legal issues of private individuals
  • Dispute resolutions


Now our new clients can benefit from a first-time English language legal consultation

instead of our 71 000 HUF + 27% VAT general hourly fee 

at only 60 000 HUF + 27% VAT (76 200 HUF) / hour for each initiated hour.

In case of transfer from a non-Hungarian bank account, a fee of 5 200 HUF per transfer will be charged in addition to the consultancy fee.

For details, please contact us at:

Kocsis and Szabo Law Office

Phone/Fax: +36-1 266 66 21

Cell: +36 30 692 93 92

E-mail:  info(at)


We hope to be able to assist you soon!


our clients’ opinions:

“Thank you for the assistance and the provided information. I really enjoyed that I received an answer to my questions in a completely easy-to-understand manner, without foreign expressions and words. That is very important, as regular people usually don’t understand the language that the attorneys-at-law and lawyers use; thus, the received information is less useful. I am completely satisfied with the received information. The best is that I felt the intent to help rather than an urge to sell a service.”

„We received answers and confirmation in the issues raised. Positive approach and advice have given concerning accurate data and facts. Their counseling was just like that.”

„They were completely prepared in our case. They recommended various solutions.”

„I received adequate information in my case, quickly and helpfully.”

“Very swift, understandable, appealing treatment and expertise. It’s very human.”

“I received concise advice covering all the important issues.”

„I received swift and precise solution regarding an issue for which I was searching for an answer for a long time. The request and acceptance of the appointment were flexible.”

“Comprehensive, professional, precise, competent. Taking into consideration the human side as well.”

„I contacted the law firm the second time for the purpose of a sale and purchase agreement and counseling. They carried out a very correct and precise work.”

„I have received what I requested. They presented me with the potential risks (legal, financial) of the given case. Thus I could decide in advance in a case.”

„Fast and precisely understandable answers, joint thinking in the possible solutions!”