First-time English language legal consultation

Our new clients can benefit from a first-time English language legal consultation instead of our 50 000 HUF + 27% VAT general hourly fee at only 45 000 HUF + 27% VAT ( 57 150 HUF) / hour for each initiated hour.

Our office provides personal consultancy as well as the opportunity to consult by phone or Skype if necessary.

Our lawyer can get acquainted thoroughly with your case and its circumstances in the course of the counselling; thus he will provide legal advice tailored to your situation, taking into consideration your interests from the first moment.

In case of transfer from a non-Hungarian bank account, a fee of 3 810 HUF per transfer will be charged in addition to the consultancy fee.

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Kocsis and Szabo Law Office

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Legal services

Are you looking for a responsible, fast, accurate and successful attorney at law or law office?

Kocsis and Szabo Law Office started its legal activities in 2004 in Budapest and has given its responsible legal advise to its clients and partners since that time. Our approach is practical and client-oriented this is why we pay a lot of attention to you and your claims. Our Law Office is committed to providing efficient, effective and top-quality legal services by giving you fast and reliable information and with keeping the deadlines punctually. We maintain close communication with our clients in order to inform them about everything in connection with their cases. It is very important to us to offer options in solving issues. We consider this essential and relevant to come to a reasonable decision. Based on our clients’ and partners’ opinions the performance of the Law Office is responsible, fast, accurate and reliable. In our office, you can be sure that your legal cases will be handled by helpful and fair colleagues. The Law Office is located in the heart of Budapest on Ferenc round in the neighborhood of the Corvin

representation of companies

Counselling in legal issues concerning business enterprises, complete legal representation of companies

representation at court

Providing representation in court proceedings

private law

Preparation and review of private law contracts and other documents

representation of companies

Permanent and full representation of companies on the grounds of our flat fee legal service

company court proceedings

Establishment, amendment, and representation of companies in court registry proceedings

claim management

Enforcing claims through legal means


Counselling regarding inheritance, preparation of wills, providing representation

for private individuals

Counseling in legal issues of private individuals with extensive experience

data protection, GDPR

Counselling regarding data protection, preparation of documentation, providing representation

real estate law

Preparation of real estate related contracts, counseling, acting in front of authorities

foreign currency bank loan contracts

Counselling regarding foreign currency bank loan contracts, providing representation

CIVIL organizations

Establishment, amendment and counselling of civil associations, foundations

employment and Labor law

Employment and labor law issues and contracts regarding employment

copyright law, trademarks

Counselling and representation regarding copyright and trademark cases

other counselling

In case you have any other issues, questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

legal AUDIT

Due diligence of companies, counselling


Angol nyelvű ügyvédi képviselet - Kocsis és Szabó Ügyvédi Iroda
Having many multinational companies among our partners, it is required that we provide legal services in English. If you need any legal help in English in Hungary, our Law Office is able to provide you professional help.



Dr. Kocsis Ildikó Dr Ildiko Kocsis is the founder of Kocsis and Szabo Law Office, a Hungarian attorney admitted to the Budapest Bar Association. She specializes in civil law, contracts, litigation, arbitration, corporate law, property law, labour and employment law, hereditary succession, European Union law. Dr Ildiko Kocsis is fluent in English.


Dr Gergely Szabo is a senior partner at Kocsis and Szabo Law Office, a Hungarian attorney admitted to the Budapest Bar Association. He specializes in civil law, contracts, litigation, arbitration, corporate law, property law, labour and employment law, hereditary succession, data protection and GDPR. Dr Gergely Szabo is fluent in English.

More than 2000 clients

Since its foundation in 2004, more than 2000 clients and partners honored the Kocsis and Szabo Law Office with their trust. Our clients are private persons and companies, in the range from small venture companies to large multinational companies, with activities in a very wide range from the commercial sector, industrial sector, building industry to the shipping, consulting sector.

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