3000+ clients

Since its foundation in 2004, more than 3000 clients and partners honoured the Kocsis and Szabo Law Office with their trust. Our clients are private persons and companies, in the range from small venture companies to large multinational companies, with activities in a very wide range from the commercial sector, industrial sector, and building industry to the shipping, and consulting sector.

Our practice areas cover a wide area of law.

We have several multinational companies amongst our clients, thus our service requires completing tasks using the English language.

Representation of Companies

We are representing several companies on the grounds of our flat fee legal service, and several companies give us assignments regularly in particular cases when legal counsel or legal representation is needed for them.

Representation at courts

We are representing our clients in labour lawsuits, economic lawsuits, and civil suits regularly. Our law office has represented our clients at the court in more than 500 cases so far, which include labour lawsuits, claim enforcement at court, sue for damages, lawsuits related to real estate, warranty lawsuits, lawsuits related to heritage, lawsuits related to supply and service contracts, etc.

Enforcing legal claims

We represented our clients in hundreds of liquidation processes, on the creditor’s or debtor’s side, so we have stable experience in this area.

Establishing and modification of companies

Since our existence, we have contributed to the establishment or amendment of articles of association for more than 500 cases. We have represented companies in processes of raising or lowering nominal capital, transformation, and winding up companies.

Preparing contracts

We often prepare contracts, and drafts of agreements concerning various areas for our clients, and represent the interests of our clients in the course of business negotiations and forming business relationships.

Employment and Labour law counseling and representation

We often give counsel to our clients related to labour and employment law matters and represent our clients in labour law processes at the court, or in processes out of the court.

Services for private persons

Besides companies, private persons are also can be found amongst our clients, so we have a wide range of experience in legal matters and civil suits concerning private persons.


Counseling regarding inheritance, preparation of wills, and providing representation.

Real estate law

Preparation of real estate-related contracts, counseling, and acting in front of authorities.

Data protection, GDPR

Counseling regarding data protection, preparation of documentation, and providing representation.

Civil organizations

Establishment, amendment, and counseling of civil associations, and foundations.

Legal audit

Due diligence of companies, counseling.

Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution in economic and labour disputes.


Our special experiences:

Cooperating in and conducting the legal audit of the review of the Metro4 (the new subway line in Hungary) project, in the course of which: assessing the risks related to the Metro4 project, giving the legal opinion on the project contracts, giving the legal opinion of FIDIC contracts, identifying and evaluating project risks, organization of found risks, concluding expert reports, legal counseling.

Legal audit of transport projects listed in Government Decision No. 1067/2005. (VI. 30.) on granting state support to the preparation of main projects scheduled for 2007 aiming at EU assistance.

We contributed to the realization of a telecommunication project covering 150 settlements, making the advisory opinion about the complete contractual system, and legal advice during the realization of the project.

Among our references can be found the complete legal representation of a company, which is specialized in preparing applications for EU financial funds. Our legal representation includes preparing legal opinions on questions related to EU tenders and subsidies, preparing proposals for legal solutions, and legal counseling in EU community law.

A hotel project was successfully realized in Budapest with the legal support of our law office.

We have experience in preparing the legal foundation for the complete registration of exclusive state ownership, settling the legal situation of state-owned real estate, and exploring the institutional background of permanent land use rights in the area of the legal settling of permanent land use rights after 1989.


The primary services, and practice areas of our law office:

  • Counseling in legal issues concerning business enterprises, complete legal representation of companies
  • Establishing, amendment of companies, representation in court registry processes
  • Data protection issues, documents, legal representation
  • Employment and Labour law issues, contracts concerning employment relationships
  • Legal representation at court
  • Enforcing claims through legal means
  • Preparing contracts related to real estate, counseling, and legal representation at different authorities
  • Copyrights and trademark issues, legal representation
  • Preparing civil law contracts, agreements, and other documents, advisory opinions
  • Counseling in heredity issues, preparing testaments, legal representation
  • Foreign currency bank loan issues, counseling, legal representation


The hourly fee of our law office:

The general English language working hourly fee of our law office is 71 000 HUF + 27% VAT (90 170 HUF) for each initiated hour.

The fee for our first-time English language legal consultation is 60 000 HUF + 27% VAT (76 200 HUF) for each initiated hour.

In case of transfer from a non-Hungarian bank account, a fee of 5 200 HUF per transfer will be charged in addition to the consultancy fee.