Our partners’ opinion about our monthly flat fee legal service are the followings:

“I have been an entrepreneur for 12 years and legal issues have always been an annoyance for me, as I had to take care of them, but I would rather prefer these legal issues to get out of my sight.

We started the co-operation with  Kocsis and Szabó Law Office in 2006, after I had received newsletters from them that provided practical information on certain legal issues in a way that was clear to me.

So that was the reason that I contacted them. I must say that since then every single minute of our co-operation is a pleasure for me, as I am given a dedicated, careful legal service that is performed with professional competence either it is to advice the company or carry out its legal representation.

Quite often, we have asked for suggestion in not ordinary cases, and to such cases the reaction of the law firm is very flexible.

One of the most important feature is that they ready to response almost immediately, without delay to the legal questions arising in our rushing entrepreneurial life. Especially, this is a fact of great importance, as they not just tell about that “we provide service” but they do that at the highest level of quality.

Since I have been working with the office I have understood the questions of law far better, its advantages and disadvantages. As a result of it I feel more safe when it comes to the field of law and I know that I can always rely on them.

I would offer the Kocsis and Szabó Law Office to all of those company owners and managing directors who would like to feel themselves safer regarding legal issues and who likes the careful and attentive service provided to them.”


“You are a stable person, to whom I can turn 24 hours a day for legal advice regarding an issue or idea came up to my mind right off the bat.

I rather did not ask questions earlier, as there were no agreement between us and I knew that I should have paid for such legal service. But I did not want to pay thousands of forints for a 3 minutes phone conversation or I did not want to feel that I owe you as you had not asked for money for such legal advice.
However I am not always told what I want to hear, but because of these advices I do not enter into such issues that legally can be risky with doubtful result.”

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